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Dear Customer:
Thanks you for purchasing our products! To protect your legal rights, from your worries, Zhengzhou play equipment Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to you to make the following product standard warranty service commitment, and so provide you when you need it:

1, the company strictly in accordance with national standards, contracts and technical specifications to choose the best solutions, and comprehensive tracking and monitoring the quality of the process, testing to ensure product quality.
2, the establishment of customer service technology files to prepare after-sale tracking service. The company based on customer requirements, selection of the best technical solutions and equipment to ensure reliable quality, excellent performance and reasonable price to meet customer requirements.

3, the company's products, from the date of purchase within one year (inclusive), the company offers free on-site service. After the warranty expires, we will continue to provide life-long maintenance, collect the appropriate maintenance fees, as the case.

4, where the company sold products to provide users with the product manual, product qualification certificate, packing list and related technical information, and free for users to operator training, time, unlimited number.

5, does not belong to free warranty obligations:

Belonging to the following conditions this product failure or damage, whether or not in the free warranty period, not in the list of free warranty.

The product of the whole or parts already beyond the warranty period;
failure to use this product specification requirements, incorrect installation, use, maintenance, custody or damage caused by the failure;
beyond our certification services, personnel to install, repair, alteration or demolition caused by the failure or damage;
Use of non-member of the company resulting from the failure or damage;

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