Trackless Train

Antique Trackless Train

  • Capcity 14 seats
  • Power 3KW
  • Speed 10km/h
  • Working Time 8-10h
  • Charge time 12h
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■ Description

In appearance, the mini antique trackless train's new design idea, its appearance is like real train, car and tire has also been redesigned and refitted, and joined the LED lights and night driving lights, the front body covering almost all car flashing LED lights! The top of the compartment adds a new mushroom lamp, which looks like a new aesthetic!

The interior, the new car will be equipped with a 7 inch driving record meeting, which focused on the camera, multimedia player, USB link excuse, radio and so on!

■ Products Detail

Advantages of Jinshan antique train battery:
01 Eco-environmental
02 high and low temperature resistance
03 lasting power quantity
04 battery can be recycle
05 steady voltage
06 no need regular maintenance

FRP shell VS plastic shell:
01 RFP with painting: smooth surface and aging resistance
02 Anti-corrosion, color will not fade

Deatil Part:
01 Wheel: operation at the same time with steering wheel, turn 45degree to right and left.Slow the speed first and then turn the wheel
02 stop button: push the button, relax and go back to its original way. The train can be stopped when start the train with keys
03 the keys: key-in and turn the key, pull out the key and turn anticlockwise, put it where children can not get
04 pedal accelerator: push the accelerator and train will speed up. Driver can adjust the speed by push or relax accelerator.
05 handrail: ask players to hold the handrail when then sit in the train.
06 charger plug: connect the charge with charger plug when charge the battery. Keep clean of the charger plug.

■ Technical parameters

Capacity 14 passenger
Locomotive Size 3*1.2*2.1m
Cabin Size 1.8*1.15*2.1m
Speed 10km/h
Working Time 8-10h
Charge Time 12h
Power 3KW
Voltage 60V

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