Thrilling rides

Disco Tagada Ride

  • Diameter 3m
  • Cover 6m Diameter
  • Height 4m
  • Voltage 380v
  • Power 10 kw
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■ Description

Disco tagada ride is also referred to disco turnable, tagada disco. Tagada is a very popular rotating amusement rides used in theme park, fairgournd, shopping mall and etc. As soon as passengers get on the tagada rides, they were sitting on the around soft seats one by one, then the tagada rides will rotating with the music. All the players need to hold on the tagada rides cabin tightly, with the increasing speed, players will become more and more dizziness, some passenger will be threw into the middle of the disco cabin. But the tagada disco is safe enough because of the soft floor. When the fairground ride tagda start operating, all the colorful LED Light will be shinning,with the cheerful music, you can get the feeling like dancing with disco.

■ Products Detail

1.Amusement rides tagada is made of quality fibreglass reinforced plastic with long using life.
2.Beautiful colorful LED Lights, high quality speaker effect
3.Constant temperature clean paint technology,color will never fade

Price advantage:
Factory direct sale, competitive price. 
We are factory direct sale, customers purchase us directly, save the cost of dealer, to protect the interests of customers.

■ Technical parameters

Diameter Size Area Height Rotating Speed Capacity Power


3m 6*6m 4m 0-8rpm 15 passenger 10KW


4m 8*8m 4m 0-8rpm 20 passenger 15KW


5m 8*8m 4m 0-8rpm 30 passenger 22KW  380V

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