Thrilling rides

Space Roller Ride

  • Capacity 24 persons
  • Area Size 15.5m Diameter
  • Speed 0-8r/min
  • Voltage 380v
  • Power 23kw
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■ Description

Space roller is popular with speed windmill which is belong to stimulating top scan rides. Space roller ride is one of the handful latest high-tech large scale modern funfair rides in Europe, USA, Canada,Australia and etc. Space roller ride can take 30 passengers with its 6 arms. Hurricane ride looks like a large extended windmill. Tourists sit on the “blades”, then the column slowly rise up, the big arm rapidly revolution, the link-arms rapidly rotation at the same time, the cabins spin drive by the centrifugal force. Tourists sit on the seats which are 18 meters high above the ground, the power surge ride will drive them to tumble, twist, steer, swing and roll 360 degrees.

■ Products Detail


■ Technical parameters

Capacity Size Area Running Height Rotating Speed Power Voltage 


24 Passenger 15.5m Diameter 11m 0-8rpm 10KW 380V

 1PCS 40HQ

30 Passenger 16.6m Diameter  12.1m 0-8rpm 27KW 380V

 1PCS 40HQ

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