Thrilling rides

Snail Clan

  • Diameter 10m
  • Power 18.5KW
  • Voltage 380V
  • Cabin NO. 12
  • Capacity 24persons
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■ Description

Snail Water Attack is very popular among children and teenagers, which is a kind of rotary type amusement equipment. There is a frog, which is surrounded by lovely animals, stands in the center. Passengers can use the water gun to shoot the laser targets. Once the target is shot, it will emit a variety of funny action, such as spraying water, handing up and shaking body. The sense of participation will make you feel thrilling.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters


Capacity Diameter Cabin NO Height Voltage Power
24 persons 10m 12 3.5m 380V 18.5KW

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