Thrilling rides

Self Control Plane

  • Seat 16
  • Cover 8.5m
  • Height 6.2m
  • Voltage 380v
  • Power 8kw
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■ Description

Amusement rides self control plane is made up of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic system, There are 6 arms (12 seats) 8 arms (16 seats) for you to choose. Kids can control the plane cabin up and down by themselves when they sit in the cabin, improve the operation ability, very exciting.

Movement characteristics of self control plane

It is through the start-up operation, equipment rotating around the vertical axis, passengers ride on it and they can control the cabin up and down by themselves, very interesting. It’s a popular amusement rides in playground, theme park, shopping mall, etc.

The configuration of self control plane
The strong and durable fiberglass as decoration, beautiful LED lights, High quality speaker effect, lifter which controller by air pressure, very safe and fun.

Price advantage
Factory direct sale, competitive price.
We are factory direct sale, customers purchase us directly, save the cost of dealer, to protect the interests of customers.

Quality advantage
Strong and durable, long service life.
Our factory adopt quality steel and fiberglass material, the whole rides will be more strong and durable.

After sale service advance
Our factory own professional after sale service team, to help customers to solve problem. We promise: all of our equipment, free replacement motor within 1 year, provide after sale service for lifelong.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Seat Cover Height Voltage Power Lift Height
12 7.5m 6.2m 380v 7kw 2.4m
16 8.5m 6.2m 380v 8kw 2.4m
20 10m 6.2m 380v 9kw 2.4m

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