Thrilling rides


  • Capacity 6 person
  • Area size 5m*4m
  • Height 5m
  • Voltage/Power 380V/5kw
  • Material FRP+Steel
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■ Description

Swing high into the sky with your companions and embark on a high flying adventure. All players, inside the chair of the pendulum that swings from slowly to sharply since it starts, looks like the individuals who sometime stand on the crest and sometimes fall off a cliff. At the same time, the function of heart systole and diastole works with the up and down of the pendulum.

While the passengers are inside chairs of the pendulum rides, they will be in reciprocating, dazzling, thrilling feeling and then they cannot help to laugh and exclaim, which greatly improve the playground atmosphere. 

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Capacity Area size Height Max Swing Angle Material Voltage/Power
6 seats 5m*4m 5m 90 FRP+Steel 380V/5KW
16 seats 10m*12m 9m 120 FRP+Steel 380V/14KW

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