Thrilling rides

Luxury Flying Chair

  • Seat 36
  • Voltage 380v
  • Power 13kw
  • Speed 8-10circle/min
  • Height 7m
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■ Description

Luxury flying chair is a very popular amusement equipment in the world now. It has very beautiful appearance. The big turntable on the top rise up and swing. Passengers under the influence of centrifugal force will feel like flying in the sky. People will get a lot of fun from this equipment.

■ Products Detail

Seat Voltage Power Speed Cover Height
12 380v 8.5kw 8-10circle/min 5m 4.5m
16 380v 8.5kw 8-10circle/min 6m 5.5m
24 380v 13kw 8-10circle/min 8m 6m
36 380v 13kw 8-10circle/min 10m 7m

■ Technical parameters

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