Thrilling rides

giant pendulum rides

  • Capacity 24 persons
  • Angle 120°
  • Height 11.5m
  • Pendulum diameter 5m
  • Power 30kw
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■ Description

Big pendulum ride is the international popular new rides. The overall swing of the pendulum, the joint and the pendulum body is rotated 360°. The highest angle is 90° ! Tourists ride in high-speed rotation of the pendulum hammer reciprocating swing , very thrilling; Visitors often issued exclaimed and laughter, greatly improves the entire amusement park happy atmosphere, and make a lot of visitors fall in love with it , do not want to leave.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Capacity Angle Height Pendulum diameter Cover area Rotating speed Power
24 persons 120° 11.5 m 5 m 10*12 m 6-12 r/min 30 kw

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