Thrilling rides

Happy Jelly fish

  • Type Rotating type
  • Size 8 cabins, 32 persons
  • Diameter 8m
  • Height 5.5m
  • Speed 1.9m/s
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■ Description

Jelly fish ride combines colorful jelly fish and beautiful cabins together. Moreover, it has integrated rotation, lifting, variable tilts and other movements together. It is one of the top choices for standard theme parks and modern amusement parks.

When lower transmission parts and middle turret rotate at different levels, the turret will raise slowly, the lower transmission parts will shake through the column and the cabin will ripple like wave.

In fact it is the flying chair of the smaller version, moreover, the passenger can control its rotation by themselves, and thus, more fun will be gained through the experience.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters


Type Cabin Diameter Height Speed Voltage Power
Rotating type 6 7m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 4kw
8 8m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 4kw
10 10m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 5kw
Rise-fall,rotating type 6 7m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 9kw
8 8m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 9kw
10 10m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 11kw

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