Thrilling rides

Disk' O

  • Capacity 24 persons
  • Area Size 22*6m
  • Speed 110m/min
  • Voltage 380v
  • Power 24kw
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■ Description

Disk'O Ride is also called flying ufo, it is a big turntable that not only rotate itself, but also slide back and forth along the crescent-shaped track. The passengers are sitting on the edge of the turntable with their back to the center of the turntable. The big turntable is similar with a flying saucer and can take 24 passenger with the steel frame crescent-shaped tack.

The Disk’O ride is characterized by its unique operation ways and advanced ride style. Flying UFO completely changed the back against ride style of traditional playground equipment. Gorgeous appearance, special playing way, grand sound effects, plus high-brightness colorful lighting decoration, all these make the Disk’O ride become a gorgeous attraction in the amusement park.

The Disk’O ride break through traditional single dull running ways. when the “flying saucer” quickly slide up and down on the steel frame, itself also rotates rapidly at the same time. The whole process make passengers feel as thrilling as flying in the sky with a high speed.

■ Products Detail

1)Top quality motor ensure the Disk's O works quiet and steadily
2)RFP with painting: smooth surface and aging resistance
3)Anti-corrosion, color will not fade
4)Colorful LED Light with wonderful music
5)CE certificate approve 

■ Technical parameters

Capacity Size Area Running Height Rotating Speed Power Voltage 


24 Passenger 22*6m 1.95m 110m/min 24KW 380V

 1PCS 40HQ

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