Thrilling rides

shark island rides

  • Capacity 24 persons
  • Diameter 10m
  • Power 5.5KW
  • Voltage 380V
  • Height 4.5m
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■ Description

Fighting Shark Island is Jinshan amusement equipment launched a highly interactive amusement equipment, The appearance is very beautiful ,

Fighting Shark Island Center is composed of a large shark and four small dolphins, Lovely marine life lifelike, the turntable is a variety of marine life, large octopus, clownfish, small crabs, small turtle, etc., Different shapes. Fighting Shark Island cockpit is also made according to shark shape, The front of the cockpit is equipped with a small fish gun, Can shoot water spray, In the process of running the equipment, the main body of the small animals will spit out the water and visitors froze each other, Fun endless, Because our fighting shark island , Exquisite workmanship, fine workmanship,  The color is brilliant and eye-catching,  so far is also hot sale

Fighting Shark Island performance characteristics, operation and precautions

A. The performance and characteristics:

1, the machine is composed of base bracket part, turntable part, boom part, motor and reducer four parts.

2, the host is through the motor, reducer, gear, three variable speed, so that the middle part of the dial clockwise clockwise rotation (no reverse).

3, equipment started smooth, uniform speed, both power, but also extend the service life of the machine, thus ensuring the user's vital interests.

4, equipment modeling, in addition to shark ships, there are starfish, hippocampus, conch, turtle, and have different animal modeling.

5, with animal targets and water, sound and other actions.

B.  The operating procedures:

1, the machine must be trained to work on the post.

2, passengers from the outside, step on board , then sit down.

3, After the management staff check it, press the bell button to remind passengers to pay attention to keep safety, also press to play music to attract tourists.

4, press the host start button, ensure the main motor running, the device began to run.

5, when running arrive to the set time, the device will automatically stop running (the length of time can be adjusted).

6, when the run time is not required to stop, you can press the "host stop" button, the device stop to run.

7, when running meet an emergency situation, need to stop, you can press the "emergency stop" button, so that the host to stop running.  Follow the arrows on the button, Rotate half a turn to reset it.

8, after stopping, the passengers leave the venue.

C. The Shark Island Note:

1, between the gear and gear, need add grease, do not allow dry friction.

2, between the motor and reducer, it has  V-belt, need to be appropriate.

3, Clockwise operation, It is forbidden to reverse.

4, during the operation of the equipment, Staff members are not allowed to leave the job.

5, the staff should always pay attention to the unsafe behavior of tourists

6, if you encounter abnormal sound or other abnormal circumstances, should stop, promptly excluded immediately

7, if the case of winds, thunderstorms and other unusual weather should stop operating.

8, after the equipment stopped, the occupants can leave

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Capacity Diameter Power Voltage Cabin . Height
24 persons 10m 5.5KW 380V 12 4.5m

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