Thrilling rides

Giant Octopus Ride

  • Seat 30
  • Cover 12m diameters
  • Height 4.5m
  • Voltage 380v
  • Power 13kw
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■ Description

Octopus ride is a kind of amusement equipment which both attractive for children and adults,when it is rotating,the center pillar,the arm of the octopus(dragon arm) will rotate at the same time,also it will take people up and down,along with the wonderful music,bring people feeling of dizzy and stimulation.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Arm 5 arm 6 arm
Cabin 15 cabin 18 cabin
Capacity 30 person 36 person
Cover area 12 m 12 m
Height 4.5 m 4.5m
Voltage 380 v 380 v
Power 15 kw 16 kw

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