Thrilling rides

Brief Flying Chair

  • Seat 12
  • Voltage 380v
  • Power 7kw
  • Speed 8-10circle/min
  • Cover 5m
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■ Description

Brief flying have lower decoration and less more cost than luxury flying chair,but it won’t decrease any fun for people.People will enjoy themselves by the feeling of flying under sky well.

■ Products Detail

Seat Voltage Power Speed Cover Height
12 380V 7kw 8-10circle/min 5m 4.5m
16 380V 8KW 8-10circle/min 6m 5.5m
24 380V 10kw 8-10circle/min 8m 6m
36 380V 12KW 8-10circle/min 10m 7m

■ Technical parameters

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