Family Rides

Samba Balloon Rides

  • Seat 24
  • Cover 6.5m
  • Height 4.5
  • Voltage 380v
  • Power 6.5kw
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■ Description

Samba balloon is known as balloon ferris wheel, it is a kind of family amusement equipment. Rotary samba balloon rides like a nice dance when its going up and down, escape the fun from the shake head family rides flying chair,the samba balloon can let passengers control the rotating cockpit enjoying more pleasures.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Seat Cover Height Voltage Power Rise-fall height
24 6.5m 4.5 380v 6.5kw 1.9
32 7.5m 4.5 380v 7.5kw 1.9
40 10m 4.5 380v 8.5kw 1.9

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