Family Rides

Rotating Coffee Cup Rides

  • Cup 6cup
  • Seat 24 seat
  • Cover 6m
  • Height 3.5m
  • Voltage 380v
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■ Description

►Rotating coffee cup rides is known as coffee cup and saucer, coffee cups around, and tea cup rides. It is a kind of rotating amusement rides, consists of 6 cups / 9 cups, each cup can seat 4 players.

►As the rotation amusement rides,except the base plate can rotating,people also can control the cup rotating by themselves. The speed of the tea cup ride rotation can be maximized particularly, players can enjoy the most of fun, thrilling and happiness.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Cup Seat Cover Height Voltage Power Speed
4 cup (only for honey bee ride) 8 seat 3.6m 2m 220V 1.5kw 1m/s
6cup 24 seat 6m 3.5m 380v 3kw 1.2m/s
9cup 36 seat 9m 3.5m 380v 7kw 1.2m/s

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