Family Rides

Ladybug Paradise Ride

  • Cabin 4
  • Seat 16
  • Diameter 5m
  • Height 2m
  • Voltage 220v
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■ Description

Ladybug paradise is a kind of rotary amusement rides designed for kids, each seat can accommodate 4 people, and customized is accepted. This track series amusement rides can attract more children due to its beautiful appearance and wonderful music. Because of its small cover area, it is suitable for placing relatively more places very well, such as: inside shopping malls, commercial pedestrian street such population flow specific locations.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Seat Diameter Height Voltage Power Rotating speed
4 16 5 m 2 m 220 v 3 kw 6-8 r/ min
6 24 6 m 2 m 220 v 3 kw 6-8 r/ min

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