Family Rides

Jumping Kangaroo Ride

  • Specification 6 arms
  • Seats 12 seats
  • Diameter 6m
  • Voltage 380v
  • Cover area 8m
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■ Description

Jumping kangaroo ride is a new bouncing amusement rides, and composed of 6 groups of kangaroo, adorable lively shape, full playful fixture, suitable for different ages, when musical kangaroo bounce ride starts work, cockpit can be jump up and down with the rotation of the device, as if sitting in the kangaroo belly pouch in the general, which bring you a different ride experience and joy.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Seats Diameter Voltage Cover area Power Height Speed
6 arms 12 seats 6m 380V 8m 7.5kw 4m 1.7m/s
8 arms 16 seats 8m 380V 10m 10.5kw 4m 1.7m/s

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