Family Rides

Happy Jelly fish

  • Material FRP+Stainless Steel
  • Cabin 6
  • Diameter 7m
  • Height 4m
  • Speed 1.9m/s
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■ Description

Happy jelly fish ride is similar with samba balloon ride, when jelly fish samba balloon starts work, it will shake head, go ups and downs to make players enjoy lots of fun. Ocean jelly fish samba balloon make it more attracting with its beautiful ocean design, colorful light and wonderful music. It a best choice for whole family playing it together.

■ Products Detail


■ Technical parameters

Type Cabin Diameter Height Speed Voltage Power
Rotating type 6 7m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 4kw
8 8m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 4kw
10 10m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 5kw
Rise-fall,rotating type 6 7m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 9kw
8 8m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 9kw
10 10m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 11kw

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