Bumper Car

Bumper Car Rides

  • Type Battery type
  • Speed <12km/h
  • Power 400w
  • Voltage 24v
  • Size 1.8*1.1*0.9m
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■ Description

Our bumper car series include animal bumper car, UFO bumper car, F1 model bumper car, inflatable bumper car and so on. The Main colors of bumper car are red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, pink. If you need any other color, pls feel free to contact us. We are a professional manufacturer for bumper car, can adjust the model according to your need. In the same time, we are making improvement and develop new models, so we would be much appreciate if you can give us any advise. Here we thank every customer who give us support and wish all the best to your business.

The details of our products:
01. Simulation steering wheel: bring players happiness by simplest operation way.
02. Governor gear: slow or fast, adjust the speed according to the situation.
03. Safety belt: Happiness matters, safety matter much. Safety belt to keep player safe.
04. Brake: double brake pedals, one control forward, another one for backward, simplest operation.
06: Bumper car wheel: durable polyester adhesive wheel, without noise and prolong the service time of wheel.
07: Battery: brand battery with high quality.
08. Charger: brand charger with high quality.
09. Electric motor: brand motor with high quality.
10: Collision Bar: EVA material, light weight, relieve pressure of car, high ability to avoid collision.
11. Audio equipment: Advanced audio equipment.
12. Base: precious craftsmanship from experienced workers.

Matters need to attention:
1. Kids under 4 need to be accompanied by parents when play with the car.
2. Keep the car run in the flat ground. Rough ground may course the damage on motor, gear case.
3. Keep away from gutter way, sunk fence, steeps.
4. Bumper car should be used only within confirmed site. The max using are of every car should not exceed 10sqms.
5. The max load can not exceed 30% of rated load.
6. Dedicated charges should be use when charge needed. Do not use heavy current fast chargers to keep battery from out of shape or burn-in.
7. Charger should be done when the car at the low power.
8. Keep the car away from flammable things, keep the environment be ventilate and keep away from water.
9. Turn the general power if car if car do not at work, so to keep the power not leak.

■ Products Detail


■ Technical parameters

Type Running time Size Speed Power Voltage
Battery type 5-6 hours 1.8*1.1*0.9m <12km/h 400 w 24 v
Ground grid type 5-6 hours 1.8*1.1*0.9m <12km/h 500 w 220 v

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