Bumper Car

Racing bumper car

  • Type Battery type
  • Running time 5-6 hours
  • Size 1.8*1.1*0.9m
  • Voltage 24v
  • Power 400w
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■ Description

The Structure of racing bumper car:
1. The wheel of car rides. PU Vehicle wheel, anti-skid, wear-resisting. Using wear-resisting Polyester tire, with equipment overload protect system, the vehicle wheel can serve a life time without change new ones, in this way, customers can reduce cost.
Electric motors wheels: thickness:4.2cm diameter:12cm
Back wheels: thickness:4.2cm diameter:12.5cm
2. Double seats for parent and children, humanization design. There are two seats on the bumper car, parent can drive the bumper car for their kids who cant.
3. Rubber protective jacket, safe and wear-resisting. Our car rides are used qualified EVA material for bumper strip, light and durable.
4. FRP Car Shell, strong and durable. Integrative design for car shell. Nice glossiness, anti-corrosion, anti heavy sun lights, anti-cracking, easy to clean.
5. Qualified bumper car steel frame, experienced welding workers to keep the firmness of each welding point.
6. Electronic brake& solo light switch&soft seaters. Electronic brake, run when you push and stop when you loose the brake. Two gears: fast and slow, adjust according to your need.

Business suggestion for bumper car game:

Operation time: 5mins
Price for each time: 5dollors
Earnings of every car everyday :60min/5min*5USD/time=120usd/day
Earnings of 6 cars everyday:6cars*120usd=720usd/day
Earnings of 6 cars every month:30days*720usd=21600usd/month
Earnings of 6 cars every year:12months*21600usd/month=9259200usd/year

Matters need to attention:
1. Kids under 4 need to be accompanied by parents when play with the car.
2. Keep the car run in the flat ground. Rough ground may course the damage on motor, gear case.
3. Keep away from gutter way, sunk fence, steeps.
4. Bumper car should be used only within confirmed site. The max using are of every car should not exceed 10sqms.
5. The max load of bumper car can not exceed 30% of rated load.
6. Dedicated charges should be use when charge needed. Do not use heavy current fast chargers to keep battery from out of shape or burn-in.
7. Charger should be done when the car rides at the low power.
8. Keep the car away from flammable things, keep the environment be ventilate and keep away from water.
9. Turn the general power if car ride do not at work, so keep the power not leak.

■ Products Detail


■ Technical parameters

Type Battery Bumper Car
Size 190*110*100cm Battery 12V/12A
2CBM Controller
Standard intelligent controller
Electric brake
18A/1P Max load 120kgs Start Model
Remote controller & manual operation
LED light Bumper strip EVA bumper strip Working time 5-6 hours

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