Bumper Car

Double Seats F1 Bumper Car

  • Type Battery type
  • Running time 5-6 hours
  • Size 1.8*1.1*0.9m
  • Voltage 24v
  • Power 400w
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■ Description

The earliest bumper cars has appeared in 1910s. The traditional ceiling network bumper car need the ceiling and floor to support power at the same time,  the car have to with a high pole to connect the ceiling, it looks not beautiful.

Our bumper car own strong acclimatization, just need flat ground,

For the ground grid bumper car, just need special floor, then put up a shed, you can start your business. Also our bumper car with beautiful design and low cost.

Material: Steel, FRP, Rubber, PU

Application: Playground, amusement park, shopping mall, fairground , etc.

Target Users:
Suitable for all ages (babies need to be accompanied by adults)

Working principlebattery bumper car is power by battery, the ground grid bumper car is power by the special floor.
Our bumper car with Power off protection device, when many cars crowded together and can't move, the car  detected pedal always been tread, the motor will be automatic power off within 2 seconds,to prevent motor overheating, to extend the life of the motor.
The working time can be adjusted by Circuit board, Automatic power off when reach to the set time

1. Our bumper car is newest Rear axle drive, maintenance convenient, Low failure rate.

2. All the FRP parts adopt Baking varnish technology, smooth surface, bright color, fadeless, durable.

There is gel shell, surface is Scratch resistant., if there is scratch,just need to use waterproof abrasive paper to clean, then it can be bright as new.

3. Adopt double pedal control, one is go ahead, one is go back, easy to operate.

4. With power off protection device, prevent motor overheating, to extend the life of the moto.

5. The equipment is meticulous, safe and reliable, well received by customers at home and abroad.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Type Running time Size Speed Power Voltage
Battery type 5-6 hours 1.8*1.1*0.9m <12km/h 400 w 24 v
Ground grid type 5-6 hours 1.8*1.1*0.9m <12km/h 400 w 24 v

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