Bumper Car

Mini Bumper Car

  • Type battery bumper car
  • Size 1.8*1.1*0.9
  • Speed <12km/h
  • Power 24v
  • Voltage 400w
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■ Description

  There are two types of bumper car in Jinshan, battery type and ground grid type.
♦Battery bumper car is supplied by batteries power, the motor power through differential bag by the gear wear to the rear axle to achieve the car running, is arranged in the circuit board can control the machine running time, time to auto power off.
♦Ground grid bumper car is from the floor (Also called network). The plate is made of a positive electrode, a negative floor plate is laid in turn, while the body has a contact floor to contact the floor to obtain a link with the power supply.

■ Products Detail

■ Technical parameters

Type Size Material Speed Voltage Power
Battery Type 1.8*1.1*0.9m FRP+Steel <12km/h 24v 400w
Ground Grid Type 1.8*1.1*0.9m FRP+Steel <12km/h 220v 500w

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