Methods to maintain self control air plane


1.We should keep the recreational machine inside and outside clean. After recreational machine use one month, we need to examine machine parts, especially the fasten parts, we need to examine seriously and fasten them. After this, also need to examine and fasten them on regular or irregular.

2.We need to examine reducer engine oil on regular or irregular(engine oil, engine oil surface should be higher then worms gear wheel), bearing need to fill grease on regular or irregular. After using for a period of time, the recreational machine need to be examined and we also need to adjust the place of motor belt, tense the belt appropriate.

3.If the recreational machine will not use for a long time, it should be switched on at least 4-8 hours, keep the mechanical and electric system of recreational machine can have a good work condition.

4.Electric control cabinet need to to make prevention rain, moisture, anti-dip measures.

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