Precautions in summer when you play


1. Hot weather is a lot of high incidence of infectious diseases, everyone should pay attention to health, wash their hands, busy bathing. Amusement equipment operators should regularly disinfect equipment, cleaning, cleaning.
2. High temperature, caution heat stroke. Daytime temperature is high, should not go out activities. When you want to play amusement equipment, you can go to park and the square until the sun goes down.
3. If you want to play amusement equipment during the day, you can choose to stay close to the air-conditioned open indoor playground to play. You should pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature difference, take care of the cold.
4. When you play amusement equipment in the outdoor, after sweating, after sweating, please do not rush to drink ice water or ice drinks, hot and cold is bad for your body.
5. As a recreational equipment operators, you can not be lazy because of hot weather. Before you start your business, you should have a comprehensive inspection of the recreational equipment, and transfer it several times to see if there are any problems.

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