How to make your playground different?


With the development of society, there are more and more playgrounds, but most of them are a bit similar, there are some amusement equipment, they  only can play, can not do long-term survival, then how can we become unique playground?

1. Pinpoint the playground so as to design the theme
First conduct a market survey, check the area covered by the number of fixed population, so as to design a different scene.
If the surrounding is a family of three or a child is relatively small, then the amusement park amusement equipment will be relatively young children, the style should be positioned in the animated character of this theme. If the surrounding young people are more or more couples, then it should be designed with a certain stimulus type of the project and the overall theme of the park is relatively mature. This will allow recreational equipment to diversify, build a theme park, more to promote the interaction of tourists and amusement equipment, only to do a good job in the game to play the role of the best play.

2. Regular modification of large recreational equipment
The basic fun of the amusement device is the same, only the appearance of children's play equipment to carry out some changes and experience changes,
so that people play in the playground every time not the same, arouse people's curiosity, there may be an unexpected harvest.

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