Happy jellyfish installation method


Placing the center frame on a previously prepared hardened concrete floor, then the bottom of the center frame and the ground connection fixed with expansion screws.
Prepare two layers’ scaffolding, place the arm on the scaffold, small head is outward, big head is placed inward, the large arm label corresponds to the central frame label, then tighten with the 18*100 screw, the remaining boom shall be installed in the same way.
Connect the fitted arm with a tie rod. The red circle at the middle of the big arm bottom is the tie rod connecting position, pull rod is square steel, fix the suspension arm and the tie rod by 16*80 screws.
Boom installation position, the middle black mark is the pin shaft, arm mounting boom pin hole.
Connect the jellyfish ball with the boom, fastened with screws, the rest are connected by label.
Connect the fitted derricks to the cockpit, first place the cockpit under the boom, then lift the cockpit up, the lower end of the boom through the cockpit center screw hole, then tighten the end of the boom with a flower screw, the remaining cockpit is fixed in the same way.
And then the center frame of the wire group pulled out of the equipment running radius of three meters, then connect the control box terminal block position. (The specific wiring method according to the control box internal instructions)
Center frame FRP decoration, center frame above the glass steel and intermediate endurance board decoration and the host are integral, just install the bottom glass fiber reinforced plastic, the bottom of the FRP in accordance with the label connected together.
Carefully check the various connections, whether the screws are fastened, check finished, turn on the power, start test machine, the installation ends here.

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