Attractive Amusement Equipment Slide Dragon Roller Coaster


Amusement equipment Slide dragon roller coaster is driven by electricity to do compound plane movement, it belong to track type amusement equipment. Dragon as the whole design, each cabin is driven by its transmission part, with 4 cabins, running along the irregular spiral curved rails, sometimes circling up, sometimes turning sharply and dive through the upper track, such as a dragon somersault dance, exciting and adventuresome. threatening but not dangerous.
Zhenzghou Jinshan Amusement Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd take much painstaking effort and manpower on slide dragon roller coaster’s production and safe control system, success in the forefront of the national counterparts. Welcome all the clients visit our factory and inspect our equipment. Slide dragon roller coaster belong to Track amusement equipment, it’s a mini type roller coaster. This equipment occupies comparatively large area, suit for setting up in Big park, amusement park, tourist attraction etc. The excitement is second only to the roller coaster
Slide dragon utilize mechanical power to transport the cabins to higher sites, By using the kinetic energy or high potential energy generated by the height, the locomotive obtains constant power during the process of sliding. The orbital transformation during the gliding process makes the whole process more exciting .
The locomotive of slide dragon is dragon head, there are many cabin following the locomotive, and there are so many passenger sit on this equipment, they make a shrill shriek from time to time. When the slide dragon just started to run, the speed is very slow, it's like a snail. But after a sharp bend, it was almost as fast as a running cheetah. Then the speed began to slow again, I just breathed a sigh of relief, after climbed a slope, it galloped down like a speeding bullet. I almost screamed all the time, so exciting, it’s an unforgettable memories!

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