Children playground play security Raiders


Children  playground are usually children concentration, especially when holidays, you will see the major playground are gathered in the  amusement equipment and all ages children. Parents is undoubtedly happy when they see their children enjoy playing, but also should be vigilant to observe the child's safety. Play in the playground be safe, parents should pay attention to what?
1.Read the game description carefully before entering the indoor playground, according to the child's age, height and other requirements to choose, do not let children play if items is not suitable for their height or physical. Playground equipment are all limited according to the height, do not choose an inappropriate amusement device for children.
2. In the process of playing, parents should around the child at any time, and check the equipment health and safety carefully in advance.
3.Because of the large number of places on the playground, and the age difference is very large, so it’s better to let your child avoid the bigger children. if your child bigger and more naughty, you should pay more attention to avoid accidental injury around the child, and avoid the disputes between parents.
4.Teach your child not to climb from the slide below when playing the slide game in the playground, slide should quickly leave the slide, so as to avoid the back of the child crash caused damage.
5.When playing bumper games, you should fasten seat belt for your child, can not do too violent collision in the process, especially the frontal collision, should take into account the child's affordability.
6. To prevent too young children fall when playing the merry go round. Not to reduce your attention as the slow speed of carousel.
7. Put a parent contact card on the child, write the name, home address, contact phone of the child and parents, put it in the pocket of the child. If the your child is lost, others can help him find parents as soon as possible; or bring smart watches to children, you can always locate your child's location.
8. Try to wear simple clothes for children, do not wear clothes like hats, or long skirts, big skirts, yarn skirts, which will increase the risk index. Complicated clothes are easily trampled by children and lead to fall.

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