The reason of different amusement equipment factory offer different price


No matter you consult the rides price on internet or inquire the price when you visit factories, you will find every factory quoted you different price for the amusement equipment. Why?
Frankly, this is a simple question. The absolute reason is different cost, We can get the results if we analyse it from the production technology, factory scale and production efficiency.

1.Production technology
Even same amusement equipment, The material, production technology are different among each factory. Such as the steel, motor, bearing, reducer, air compressor etc. Different model and specification cause the different cost. In addition, like us, our factory have fiberglass workshop, all the fiberglass are made by ourselves. Compared with the other supplier who purchased fiberglass from other factory, the cost will also different.

2.factory scale
The factory scale will also effect the amusement rides price, such as if the factory own modern production line and technology, they will save more cost. Or if the factory rent the space to build the factory, the cost will also raise because the high rental.

3.Production efficiency.
Absolutely, high production efficiency can reduce production cost. A professional manufacturer who have mature management and strict quality control system, If they produce same quality equipment, the cost of professional factory of course will lower than new factory.

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