The cause of failure and troubleshooting method of the mini train


Operation precautions

1. The mini train must be operated by someone.
2. When the small train is running, the operator can not leave the console, he should pay attention to the operation of small train at any time.
3. Mini train is chain drive, in the use of the process should be regular oiling, if the chain is loose, it should be adjusted in time to prevent cross chain.

General cause of failure and troubleshooting

  Fault phenomenon   Failure cause   Method of exclusion
  Start-up difficulties   Power supply voltage is low   1. Check the power supply system
2. Add lubricating oil to the bearing and chain.
 Close the power switch, open the electric lock, press the start button, the car does not  run.  1. start button contact bad
 2. contactor does not attract
 3. 20A  fuse is broken
 1. Replace the start button
  2. Check the contactor coil is broken, if it is bad, should   be replaced.
  3. replace the fuse with the same specifications
  The car is emitting unusual sounds and sometimes shaking the chain  1.The chain is too loose
 2. Poor connection to the wires on the sliding contact pads and the sleepers
1. Loosen the base of the fixed motor and move back to the appropriate location, re-fixed.
 2. Check the wire connector and reconnect it.

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