Points for attention in summer play equipment


The hot weather is the high incidence of many infectious diseases, passenger should pay attention to hygiene, wash  hands frequently, take shower frequently. Amusement equipment operators should cleaning, disinfecting the equipment regularly.

Due to high temperature, passenger should pay attention to heatstroke prevention. High temperature during the day, passenger should not got out active, If you want to play outdoor amusement equipment,we suggest you go to park, playground after sunset.

If you want to play amusement equipment during the day, we suggest you choose the indoor playground which closed to home and open air conditioner. Notice difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor.

After you played amusement equipment at outdoor, After sweating, please don’t drink ice water immediately, like this cold and hot are bad for the body.

As amusement equipment operator, can't slack off because hot weather. Operator should have a comprehensive inspection before start business, turn on the amusement equipment and test it without passenger for several times, ensure everything is fine.

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