Mini carousel ride


If you are worried about that your baby is too small to take large thrilling amusement equipment in the amusement park;  If you think that your child is too low to ride large amusement 
equipment and hard to find safety and suitable amusement equipment for your child, then the flying chair will be your best choice.

Mini flying chair is Jinshan launched a new type of flying tower children amusement equipment! The amusement equipment is designed for children between 1 m and 1.6 tailor-made new recreational facilities, modeling is cute and high safety factor. Mini fly chair look is small and stylish, but function is complete, the design adopts cartoon drawing design, gorgeous lighting, modeling looks like orchids open, gorgeous exception. Mini-fly chair under the arm connected to the seat, when the equipment is running, visitors are flying in the air, floating, brighter, full of leaves. This children amusement equipment has a very large attraction for young children. Indoor and outdoor can be installed

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