Have you ever played Samba balloon ride?


Samba balloon is not a big type amusement equipment, you can see it at many amusement park.
The design similar to flying chair,but it not thrill type rides, use colorful balloon design as decoration, suit for kids and family.
This amusement equipment integrates lifting, revolution and rotation, each cabin can take 4 person, passenger also can operate the steering wheel to control the cabin to rotate, they can have more fun during playing the Samba balloon ride ! 
Samba Balloon is New amusement equipment which there is a feeling of ups and downs during working, the lifting range is 1 ~ 1.5 meters, so kids can experience the feeling of flying chair.
Samba balloon rides have 6 / 8 balloon, with 6 / 8 cabin, each cabin can take 4 person. It will lift and rotate during working, just like dancing Samba, so named Samba balloon ride.
The design of Samba balloon also meet kids’ mind, the balloons designed in colorful color, loved by kids. For the safety of Samba balloon, we have strict quality control system and CE certificate, Parents can rest assured that their children play with this new recreational equipment.
Welcome to visit our factory and test Samba balloon !


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