Inflatable equipment how to do sunscreen work in summer?


Hot summer is coming, the weather becomes more and more hot, the children play equipment placed on the park or the square, in order to ensure the normal operation, how to do sunscreen work?

Inflatable children play equipment utilizes the principle of air circulation, the air flow in the inflatable children play equipment continue to increase roundabout, children can experience the fun of space loss and bounce when playing, so loved. As the inflatable children play equipment material is made of PVC waterproof fabric, will become more soft in the exposure, and the blower continued to add air to the equipment will increase the pressure, if the case of long-term exposure may cause a risk of explosion. So, sun protection work of inflatable children play equipment must be done.

First, placed a layer of canvas shed below the inflatable children play equipment, not only for the both better insulation, but also on the bottom of the device to play a very good protective effect. Pull a sunscreen network upper the equipment, and now the sun can be easily bought, the price is not high. The advantage is to avoid inflatable children play equipment exposure, to prevent the risk of explosion caused by the accident. allow children to play to avoid exposure and heat stroke, and the cool place where parents will don’t refuse their child to play, so that can guarantee normal profitability. Since there are so many benefits, why users don’t to do? I believe we listen to the above views, will able to understand how to do a good game of sunscreen work!

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