Mini pirate ship’s gameplay and fun


No matter what amusement park or park it is now, you can always see it - the pirate ship. Vintage design, with the Pirate Captain which stand in the front and look around, they left a deep impression on the children.

The pirate ship is a amusement equipment that horizontal axis  a reciprocating swing type , talking about the pirate boat, it must start with its name, the pirate ship sailed on the waves, take up big waves. So the pirate ship was inspired by it. The pirate ship drives the pulley through the motor to drive the hull up and down, make you feel as if you were in the waves. The swing amplitude reaches 45 degrees, Stimulate your nerve, make you lost in the scene.

Mini pirate ship is made of Fiberglass, also with beautiful lights, nice music, lasting and not fade painting color, and other high precision electrical components, in addition, considering kids’  interest and psychology, the design of mini pirate ship begins with cartoon characters, shapes and colorful paintings, make the children happy to play while fully stimulate the children' childlike innocence. At the meanwhile, this equipment can be customized according to clients’ requirement.

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