Small Coup for Playground to Gathered More People


If you want the playground gathered more people and more popular , a variety of small coup is must ,the following coups are able to help you.

1.Playground decoration . Decoration must look warm and lovely, So that when the children pass by, it may be attracted to come! The equipment should be novelty, funny and health.
2.Strengthen the publicity. Show your characteristics , more preferential program.You can work with kindergartens on a regular basis to engage in activities, or send cheap gifts every time, such as the little cartoon toys, small puppets. Sometimes ,what attract for them is a toy, but it will bring you business.
3.The mode of discount .When the customer for 10 times card can get recharge 200 to send 80 discount. It’s not easy to have this opportunity , fully take advantage of this offer. Invisible to promote the recharge transactions. Or if there is a membership card in the child's birthday ,free of charge to invite their own good friends to play free of charge. So the child also realized that the members brought him some kind of glory.
4. When Christmas day, you can engage in some festivals decoration, Such as staff dressed as a Santa Claus, (not limited to one, just a saying, inspire children ) distribute the best children to doll like gifts, or do a few parent-child games.
5.Attention to the playground of environmental health, to strengthen the management and operation of disinfection.

In short, standing on the perspective of consumers to consider ,everything will be solved! Although a wide variety of publicity methods, but the situation is not the same as each region, we must first do a good job in market research work,to find their own good methods.

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