How to maintain Mini Pirate ship


Core tip : Mini pirate ship amusement equipment is driven by power tyre to make the ship reciprocating swing, Three phase asynchronous motor operation, driver unit push the tyres to close and rub the ship .

1. Equipment maintenance
a. The pirate ship maintenance need to do daily maintenance and regular maintenance, should make working record.
b. Before start business, the pirate ship should be test over 3 times, each testing  shall be carried out for 12 hours without fail.
c. Strict implementation of the annual inspection, monthly inspection, daily inspection system, No fault operation. The contents of the safety inspection include:
One time annual comprehensive inspection, carry out the load test if necessary, And according to the rated speed operation, safety technical performance inspection.

2. The following items should be checked at least monthly:
a. If Safety devices or components are available.
b. If power plant, transmission and brake system is normal.
c. If the amount of lubricating oil is adequate, and if the standby power supply is normal.
d. If control circuit and electrical components are normal.

3. At least the following items should be checked by the daily inspection
a. If the control device and brake device are effective and reliable;
b. If the operation is normal, there is no abnormal vibration or noise;
c. The condition of each wearing parts
d. If seat belts are intact;
e. Inspection of lubricating points and lubricating oil
 f. If important parts are normal.
g. The inspection shall be recorded in detail and filed for future reference.

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