Merry go round ,self-control plane, track trains -- playground iron triangle


Merry go round , self -control plane, track trains can be called the iron triangle of the playground. Regardless of the size of the playground, as long as there are amusement equipments, people can almost see the figures of  horse, self-control plane , and track train. The three kinds of equipment has become a must  for the playground operator. Some people will say that these three devices are old projects, and not new, but the data is there. Information based on feed back from the operator, Merry go round , self -control plane, track trains ranking in the entire playground is still very good, can be described as playground evergreen tree. Here, Let me tell you the developments of  the Merry go round , self-control plane and track trains.

1.Merry go round (carousel)

The carousel has undergone great changes over the past few years, let's start with the simple carousel. Simple carousel is generally operated in the outdoors, high mobility, demolition of the assembly is very troublesome. Now carousels are made available to be moved, thus reduce the trouble of disassembly. Luxury horse from the previous single eaves into the double cornices, Horses also have more models, such as animal model, carriage, the whole looks more beautiful than before. There are also some theme merry go round , such as the big yellow duck, the ocean theme carousel.

2. Self -control plane

In recent years, the self-control plane has also changed a lot, compared with the previous appearance, now they has more choices. From the cockpit on the shape of a radiant shape, small bee shape, Donald Duck shape, dolphin modeling, Pegasus modeling, as well as the recent launch of the shark shape, more gorgeous. In fun, in addition to the original laser gun, increased the summer water gun.

3.Track train

The change of the track train from the modeling. In these years,  new shape is created by every year , modeling looks more attractive year after year. This year better off is the ocean theme train and elephant train, modeling gorgeous, the cockpit is large and comfortable, large passenger capacity, has become the star of the track products. The track class star products also has Happy spray ball car (Added theme equipment is angry bird spray ball car , ocean theme spray ball car and dream candy spray ball car),Mini shuttle(New theme equipment, interchange ring, wizard kingdom, animal kingdom).

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