Advantage and characteristic of rotating amusement equipment


Rotating type amusement equipment is a small category of amusement equipment. Mainly revolves around the vertical or revolves around the center of inclined axis, The cabin moves vertically up and down or horizontally.

Rotating type amusement equipment with simple structure and running method than other type amusement equipment.  But with more equipment and design, suit for more wide age group, such as children, couple, old people etc. Especially at night, the rotating amusement equipment with big advantages, low height, gorgeous lights, passenger can control the equipment to experience the fun of rotating.

In general, rotating amusement equipment can be divided into horizontal and vertical rotation equipment. There are differences on the height.

For example, ferris wheel belongs to vertical rotation amusement equipment, coffee cup rides belongs to horizontal rotating amusement equipment.

In addition, coffee cup rides don’t need foundation, it can maintain its own stability. It’s unique advantage of rotating amusement equipment. You can also add some interactive games to add fun.

On the other hands, other type interactive equipment need build the foundation, investment costs will increase accordingly, this is a time-consuming and painstaking job.

Rotating amusement equipment with the advantage of no need for infrastructure, popular in square and shopping malls.

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