Mini shuttle’s main structure and working principle


A. Main structure
Children climbing car is composed of guide rail, conductive rail, walking tread, support column, guide, etc., whose structure is simple, but with diverse car types. Here we introduce several important structural parts.

1. Vehicle connection
The connection and steering between the two vehicles is achieved through the connection device and the guide

2. Vehicle front axle steering gear
The two bolts of the front axle steering device are respectively inserted into the jack in the guide device. When the vehicle is running, the front axle steering bolt work together with the guide to drive front wheel steering, which is reliable and stable.

3. Rear wheel drive
The rear wheel drive system is driven by the drive motor, the motor rotates drive the rear wheel’s rotation through the sprocket’s variable speed, then rear wheel drive vehicle movement. Every  car has a separate motor.

4. The form of conductive rails
Conductive rails are generally made of copper, good conductive performance and wearable; Conductive brush is generally used carbon brush. The connection of conductive rails and metal structures are isolated by a billet board, and need achieve a certain insulation, in order to prevent electric shock accident causing by the entire metal structure.

B. Working principle

1. Mechanical transmission
Every car has a separate drive motor, the motor has a drive sprocket, sprocket’s variable speed make the rear wheel turn; The front axle has a steering pin connected with the car guide, when the track is bent, the guide is deflected along the track,through the steering pin’s deflection angle transmit to the front axle steering gear, the wheel will be automatic steering, so that passenger can achieve automatic driving.

2. Electrical work principle
Control cabinet input voltage is three-phase 380V voltage,rectified to DC voltage,through the conductive track supply to every motor in the car. When the console is started, you should close the main switch, power indicator light will be bright,press the bell,delay start work button.

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