Features and cautions when installing Jinshan mini flying chair


Mini flying chair is a small amusement equipment for kids. Small and fashion appearance with complete function, be loved by children when enter market. It’s a hot selling children amusement equipment.
The features of Jinshan Amusement mini flying chair :

1. Learn the specification and electrical facilities of mini flying chair.
Mini flying chair is a Scaled-Down Version of flying chair, small cover area, generally the static diameter in 4 ~ 5 meters, working diameter in 5.5 ~ 6.5 meters, plus the fence, in general, the cover area is about diameter 6.5 ~ 7.5 meters.
The voltage of mini flying chair are 220 V and 380 V, Power is about 2 ~ 3 KW. Clients can customized it according to your actual requirements.

2. The location requirements of mini flying chair:
The place should be flat and hard ground, although mini flying is a small amusement equipment for kids, but with big torsion strength when it running, so must build cement foundation according to supplier’s requirement. Generally use the method of embedded expansion screw.

3. The steps of install the mini flying chair:

After mini flying chair arrived the installation location, to fix the under chassis on foundation firstly, then install the center column, upper chassis, upper chassis decoration, chair, center column decoration, under chassis decoration, control box.
Check if there is fixed loose of all electrical equipment within the cabinet and the line, if so, please reinforce.

4. Testing after installation:
We have tested the mini flying chair for many times before delivery. But after clients finished installation, also need to be tested.
After steps three, connect the control box with the electrical facilities, open the control box, push the fused switch to the "on" position, If the fused switch jump to “off” after push to “on”, please check if the electrical facilities reach the open requirement or short circuit.
If everything goes well, please check if the dashboard lights of the control box is lighting. If so, press bell button to check if the bell is ringing.
Adjust the timer to set up the working time that you want.
If all of these are going on well, don’t take passenger now, press open button to testing the flying chair for several times, if no questions, then take people to run.

Final, Jinshan Amusement remind:
For creating better benefit, should pay attention to maintenance equipment and daily safety check at ordinary times

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