Mini Carousel Introduction


1.Simple carousel ride has beautiful shape, fine workmanship, details is fine. In same industry, the same paragraph, we are a leader factory of carousel. Now I will introduce the characteristics of our products to you
2.Carousel ride has control cabinet,the cabinet is equipped with a low-voltage start-up device, when you encounter low pressure,just press the button lightly, it can keep normal start.

3.Carousel has a music device,you can insert U disk, SD card, also can listen to wireless radio, earnestly achieved a box of multi-purpose effect, sound with horn device,when there is a problem with the sound device,it played a very important role, you don't have to worry about no music.
4.In addition, our company's carousel chassis, it uses anti-skid plate device. On rainy days, snowy day, you do not have to worry about the kids going to play and slipped, this is equivalent to turn to a safe insurance, let you worry less.

5.The motor of carousel adopts the national standard of all copper motor, motor power 1500w. GB copper motor with low power consumption,great skill, long service life, etc..

6.The carousel tire use the national standard 400- standard 8 tire ,it is not easy to burst, wear resistance, long service life.
During working,the tires bear all kinds of deformation, load, force, as well as high and low temperature damage, they will be intact use for several years

7.The carousel uses conductive ring device,wear resistance, conductive performance,not easy to damage, long service life,even it is bad, it is also very easy to replace, we can  provide free replacement service. While other small manufacturers use carbon brush device, easy wear, short service life, replacement trouble.

8.Simple carousel horse can be added with 30 meters long led lights,bright color,In the course of the operation also has a more color and fun, three colors can be adjustable,three lines can be optional, it will automatically adjust the lighting with the ups and downs of the light.

9.The carousel horse uses  the painting process,glass steel production,corrosion resistance,it is not easy to fall off, our painting is fine workmanship,smooth surface is not easy peeling.And we use environmentally friendly paint materials, harmless to children.
10.The carousel apron is made of environmentally friendly fabric made of gas mold material, with sunscreen, rain, anti-ultraviolet function.In the course of your business,when you sudden meet  raining and snowing day, you can not worry.

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