What are the benefits of inflatable castle climbing for kids?


Children are born climbers, In the process of learning to walk, they liked to climb the table, door, tree, wall etc. in order to form a sound ability and personality, the instinct of children must be stimulated by various activities, games and competitions. Inflatable rock climbing can help children build the body, let children enhance self affirmation, enhance self-confidence during overcoming difficulties, in addition, in this the sports which constant pursuit of self challenge is more helpful for positive development of personality than general sports .

Six Advantages of kids inflatable climbing wall
1. inflatable climbing wall can enhance self-confidence
Confront the wall wall which much higher than their  height, still put their foot down to climb, Not afraid to face the challenge of inflatable climbing, more calm and confident than ordinary people.

2. Inflatable climbing (Castle) can enhance physical fitness
Inflatable castle inflatable rock climbing is the balance of strength and beauty, need enough strength to load their own weight, against gravity, The girl who play inflatable climbing wall didn't lose a boy at all;

3. Inflatable climbing (Castle) can improve the concentration
They Stepping on the rack, and pay attention to every details of their body moving on the inflatable climbing wall, the player need special attention. This is a great help to children's future learning achievement;

4. Inflatable climbing (Castle) can increase the gumption
When they are climbing the inflatable rock wall, give up? Or continue to insist? Can not to describe only use the courage, also have Willpower, Sense of honor and self determination.

5. Inflatable climbing wall can improve the body's flexibility and coordination 
This is the key ability of inflatable climbing wall, the importance that physical strength. in the field of medicine, There are doctor to correct the development of children's muscles, and Hand, eye, body coordination.

6. Inflatable climbing wall can enhance the sense of balance.
 Inflatable climbing wall sport is also known as spider man who walking on a rock face。 
The basic posture is “Three point does not move, move a point”. What is said is a sense of balance.
Growth only once, Children who are still developing physical and mental balance need to strengthen the training of this physical, Healthy and happy growth..

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