Indoor Playground Maintenance and Disinfection


In the long-term business process, naughty castle, electric toys, parent-child paradise and other indoor children's naughty castle equipment for a long time will have stains, damage and other issues. Children's resistance is relatively weak, Regular safety maintenance is very important for naughty castle

1:The plastic part and the glass fiber can be used for soap and water, disinfection of washing, then scrub them with a soft cloth or soft brush, Rinse with water, Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Finally Disinfect with disinfectant.
2:Sponge part, Soft cloth dipped in soapy water, then scrub, Or Placed in the sun exposure disinfection
3:Moisture and heat resistance, Non fading wooden part, Can be dried after washing with soap bubbles, then disinfect with disinfectant
4:If the metal parts is required to rust, Remove the rust with brush, Wipe with a dry cloth; Under the sun exposure, keep clean, sprayed it with colorless spray paint, To be dry and then spray once, it has a protective effect
5:Circuit cleaning, make sure the power is cut off, No watering, Wipe with a damp cloth, After dry, then connected to the power supply
6: All amusement equipment, slides, drill tube parts should not have water after the rainy days,
If so, a hole with a 4mm diameter should be made at the lowest point
7:Indoor activity room, floor, wall, etc., UV disinfection every day, Indoor need often ventilated. Once a week with hydrogen peroxide disinfection
8:of course, when disinfect it, also need check the connection part’s firmness, Metal connection parts need to be refuel, if Circuit electrical appliances and ordinary parts are damaged

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