Happy Spray Ball Car. Not afraid of the market test


The spray ball car have great advantages for the owner who purchasing amusement equipment.
Firstly, Large optional space. Various cabins of spray ball car can be choose according to clients’ interest.
Secondly, Highly interactive, so that children and parents can participate at the same time, can enhance parent-child affection.
Finally, The cover area can be customized according to clients’ requirements, the height of track also can be customized according to actual situation.

One, the design of spray ball car:
The design of spray ball car is very cute and colorful. Various design can be choose. ( Mermaid cabin, angry bird cabin, ocean animal cabin ).
The carp in the middle of track and Volcano around the track will spray colorful ball out, The cabin rotate along the track around the carp nozzle, very interesting.

Two . Spray ball car is not only attractive appearance, but also stimulate the participation of children, passengers can use fishing nets to pick up the colorful ball which spray out from volcano, parents accompany their children to play, some smart operators to increase interaction with passenger, send gift to passenger who pick up most balls, give passenger good memory, stimulate the intention of passenger to play again.

Happy spray ball car, ocean spray ball car, angry bird spray ball car etc. Since enter the market, With novel style, unique and innovative game play, flexible operation of the venue size, Received many positive feedback from clients.

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