How to make your amusement park different from others


With the development of society,There are more and more amusement park, But most of them are similar. Only have some amusement equipment, They are only can be play, unable to survive for a long time. So, question is coming , how should we do a different amusement park?

One : Accurate positioning of the amusement park, then design the theme.
Do market research firstly, check how many people are in a fixed area, then design different scenery. If the surrounding are many family with small children , the amusement equipment should be design for children, Style should also be positioned in the animated character theme, If there are many young people and couple at surrounding, the design should with some stimulating equipment, the theme of whole pare also should be grown up. So that the amusement equipment can be diversified.
Build theme amusement park, to promote the interaction between tourists and amusement equipment, only do good job in interaction, so that the amusement equipment can be play the maximize role.

Two:  Change the decoration of big amusement equipment regularly.

Keep the amusement equipment’s function unchanged,only make some difference in the shape of amusement equipment, in this case, passenger will have different experience in each paying, Arouse people's curiosity, there may be unexpected harvest. 

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