Crazy city mechanical bull ride , Quickly get rich is not a dream


Over the past two years, Not only our amusement equipment began to grow and develop, While the international demand also contributed to the development of our domestic amusement market, Although the amusement equipment development journey is a long way,  in general still very promising!
Jinshan amusement equipment bull ride is the best choice for you to get rich.

Bull ride machine, also known as urban bull fighting, Crazy bull machine, bullfighter, riding a cow machine. bull ride has novelty stimulation, low cost, less investment, strong appeal, wide range of applications, strong Participation and so on

Only 8-10 square meters , Two staff  members, You can easily operate.
Indoor, such as bars, shopping malls and so on;
Outdoors, such as parks, squares, pedestrian street, etc. are a good place to operate.
Bull ride entertainment charges generally in accordance with 15usd per hour, The profit is 150usd/ day, Month for 4500usd or more, In the event of a holiday, Such as  New Year's Day, winter and summer vacation Fees and profits doubled. All the investment, in one Month can get profit, This is not a dream day by day. If the exclusive distributor, monopoly business, higher profits!

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