How to purchase a good quality carousel?


How to purchase a good quality carousel?

Carousel is a popular amusement equipment which not thrilling. It attract passenger through its charming decoration, colorful light and nice music.
So the decoration is very important for carousel. Must ensure passenger want to play it over and over. To reach this standard, it’s necessary to own various design for the carousel, attractive enough.

1. Quality of Carousel.
For attract passenger for a long time, You have to make the passenger to believe your product. If the carousel is out of order during passenger is playing, they will think your products is not good, and effect passenger’s mood, meanwhile, you will lost some loyal customer.

2. Motor selection
This is the core of carousel, if the motor is not good, carousel maybe is not working properly when it with the rated passenger.
If forced to drive, the result will be tire burst, Motor capacitor burned etc.
This is a very bad phenomenon for both the passenger and the operator.
On the one hand, it will effect passenger’s mood, on the other hand, you have to pay a large amount of maintenance costs and operating expenses.

3. Design of transmission link.

Transmission is an important part to the motor Whether upper transmission or bottom transmission , and the core of this part is the connecting rod, all the supporting force of two rows of horse up and down in the connecting rod, so the connecting rod must be able to adjusting the imbalance of horse rotating , so that to avoid the link caused by can not adjust the break.

4. Electrical accessories if are qualified.
If the electrical accessories are not produced by regular manufacturers, all aspects of indicators can not be reached, If there is any problem, it will also affect your business.

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